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Superb quality and color

Christmas Hills Tree Farm in Mossyrock, Washington is a second-generation tree farm. Committed to producing the very best quality trees in the industry.

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Six varieties of fir, including a limited amount of Burton Blue Noble fir, a special tree grafted for exceptional color and overall quality.

The majority of our trees are Noble fir, but we have excellent smaller portions of Fraser, Grand, Nordmann, and Douglas fir. We always try to add a small percentage of the elegant Burton Blue Noble in a regular order of Noble fir at no additional charge.

And we love producing the finest quality of fresh Christmas trees…trees that will find their way to many, many happy homes during the Christmas season. Give us a try.

Why Mossyrock?

Mossyrock is the perfect location for weather, rainfall, moderate temperature, 1000′ elevation, and latitude (center of natural environment). It is perhaps slightly better than Oregon because there is more rain, less drought in the summer months, more moderate temperature, and it is farther north. In addition, the trees are dormant when cut. This results in fresher, more vivid coloring, superb “keepability” and quality.


Christmas Hills Tree Farm is a second-generation tree farm. John Burton’s dad, Charley Burton, owner of Bear Canyon Farm, planted the first Noble fir in 1949: the first Noble fir specifically for Christmas trees in the industry.

John grew up around trees, and has been growing his own trees since he was 13. He’s now in his forties.

Through the years, Christmas Hills Tree Farm developed some techniques that make their trees stand out from the competition. By using seed from their own seed orchard, comprised of trees grafted for exceptional blue color and overall quality, their trees have amazing color. Read more

I purchased one of your Christmas trees this year at Carpinitos on December 15th. We kept it up until January 13th, and it was still so fresh and beautiful I didn’t want it to come down. It was the best Christmas tree I’ve ever had, and I’m 59 years of age. Thanks for bringing such joy and happiness to us. Susan Fortin